Seal Coating & Crack Sealing

Proper preventive maintenance of your asphalt is highly recommended. New asphalt should be sealed one year after installation. It is not recommended to go more than three years without seal coating. Seal coating benefits asphalt in many ways.

It helps protect the natural oils in the asphalt from being depleted from UV rays. Sealcoating also helps keep moisture and weatherization from harming the surface over the years. Not to mention it adds great curb appeal as well. Nothing beats a nice black driveway!

We use top quality coal tar sealant, infused with polymers and sand mix. The polymers promote faster drying times, thicker viscosity, and rich black finish. The sand promotes better traction.

Overtime asphalt will develop cracks. Once the asphalt starts to oxidize, the oils start to deplete. Once depleted, asphalt is more susceptible to cracking. This is due to contraction and expansion, and heavy wheel loads.

Cracks should not be overlooked however. Moisture will enter the crack and enter the sub base. Once the ground freezes and expands, the crack will worsen.

We utilize the newest technology and material to repair and maintain asphalt pavement. We use hot rubber banding to seal cracks and bond the layers. While the rubber is still hot we coat the rubber with black slag sand. This prevents pedestrian and vehicle traffic from tracking the material.

Check out our gallery of seal coating work below.

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