Consumer Tips

• New pavement will require 5-7 days of curing time before vehicle usage.

• It is important not to do any stationary turning on new asphalt. Especially in high temps. Try to keep the vehicle moving before implementing any aggressive turning. This will help prevent tire scuff marks. They are cosmetic only, and do not in any way harm the structural integrity of the asphalt. As pavement ages, it is less likely to scar.

• The edges, or shoulders of the pavement should be protected by backfilling with appropriate material. We suggest loam, gravel, or stone. This helps carry the wheel load if driving off of the shoulder. Without proper backfill, the asphalt is prone to crack on the edges.

• Weight displacement is crucial for new asphalt. We suggest using blocks under trailer jacks and jack stands. Large trailers such as campers or RV’s should use planks of wood under the wheels. This helps displace large amounts of weight over a larger area and not sink into the asphalt.


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